I’m so excited about…Cosmoprof North America this weekend!

If you had told the 13-year-old me that at age 36, I would be a beauty expert who would be flown to Vegas, stay at the Mandalay Bay and get to see thousands of new beauty products at Cosmoprof North America and share them every day with the world – via video I would have been pretty sure that you were talking about heaven.

I am thrilled - and honored - to serve on the Beaut-E Zone panel at Cosmoprof North America at Mandalay Bay in Vegas this weekend! Bring on the beauty!

As a little girl-turned-teen who used to spend my spare time wandering the makeup counters of Neiman Marcus in Dallas – and begging makeup artists to put makeup on me – beauty was an early passion of mine.

When it was time to get a job in college, I stayed true to that wide-eyed, beauty loving kid and, at 18, worked as the youngest makeup artist for Trish McEvoy at that very same Neiman Marcus.

See, I loved beauty. I LOVE beauty. And, most especially, I love sharing my favorite beauty products, tips and secrets with other people. I love getting to try beauty and lifestyle products every day and weed through them so I can share my favorite picks with you.
So I am beyond honored, thrilled and delighted to serve as a panelist & liasion on the Beaut-E Zone panel at Cosmoprof North America in Las Vegas this weekend. I will report to you daily on the best of the beauty products and services I see.

And lucky me! I will be joined on the panel by some of my favorite fellow beauty experts – who just so happen to be my friends – including Susan Yara (former editor of New Beauty and now of Mixed Makeup) and Jennifer Chan (The Fabulous File), Cassandra Bankson and Tati Westbrook.

The show is not open to the public so we will be the eyes and ears to thousands as to what’s trending next in beauty. Will it be organic skincare, beauty gadgets, makeup hues, hair or nails? With over 900 beauty brands, who knows?! But, boy-oh-boy, am I ready to find out!

So stay tuned as I report back live daily (Saturday 7/12 – Tuesday 7/15) from Cosmoprof North America at Mandalay Bay on the newest launches from beauty brands you may have never heard of – to brands you know and love, such as Moroccan Oil, Creative Nail & Design, OPI, Joico, Essie, DryBar, FHI and more!

The 13-year-old me is so excited she can barely stand it!


BF Asks: Got any brands I should be on the lookout for? What new products would you like to see?

High-Low 1/6/13: Vegas & Reflecting…

Happy 2014, friends!! I hope it is off to a shimmering start for you. Here is my High-Low this week. It was a good one!


What a year 2013 was!! And it wrapped up in grand style for me in Las Vegas with some of my dear friends that I made during my years working for Barbra Streisand. So what was on the agenda? Seeing amazing shows, staying at the MGM Grand, eating delicious food, drinking wonderful wine and laughing…a lot.

When in Vegas, SHINE!!! Dress by Honey Punch ℅ M. Caroline Boutique

I spent the first night seeing my old friends, Maroon 5. It makes me so happy when I see people I’ve been friends with or crossed paths with over the years turn their talents & passions into success. I remember seeing Adam Levine and the Maroon 5 guys (when they were Kara’s Flowers) playing for our friend’s birthday party on La Brea. Seeing Kara’s Flowers play was a frequent thing in the early 2000s. I haven’t seen them live as Maroon 5 so it was SUCH a treat. I had a dorky, proud mom smile on my face the whole time. Adam was the same star then that he is now. And my friend, Sam Farrar, was at that party and now he’s in the band. Love how full circle things are. Just melts my heart.

Maroon 5 at Mandalay Bay on December 30th in Vegas


The next night we were treated to a ridiculously delicious dinner of sushi at Shibuya at MGM Grand. Then it was on to a private Fleetwood Mac party/show.

Fleetwood Mac Private Party & Show at MGM Grand


Wowsers, y’all. We had a table but ended up being front stage center for the show. It. Was. AMAAAAAZING. Lindsey Buckingham had us touch his guitar. As someone who adores them who happened to be in a coed/Fleetwood Mac-style band back in the day, it was just a huge treat! And what a way to kick off the new year!


Fleetwood Mac at MGM Grand

My 2014 continued to be awesome when I realized that the ticket I had bought was actually in first class. I thought that if 2014 only went up from that point, I was looking at the best year of my life.

Well, that's one way to kick off 2014!



In our room at the MGM Grand reflecting back on the year…with a glass of vino, of course!


My low was not really a low-low. It was more a big ole casserole of lessons learned, regrets I’m trying to move past, people I’m trying to let go of and intentions set so as not to repeat the past again.

But sometimes even the best of intentions and most honest of resolutions get broken. Simply put…being human is hard. Really hard. It is so easy to judge yourself and get lost in that grief. As they say in August: Osage County, “Thank God we can’t tell the future. We’d never get out of bed.”

There is only ONE thing that we are guaranteed in this life – that this life will end.  So my main resolution this year is to forgive myself a little more and treat myself a little bit more gently, if possible. To accept defeat, rejection and sorrow as chances to grow gracefully and become a better human being. And to let go of the patterns, people and events in my life that don’t serve me and don’t make me a better person. Life is far too short to have anything in it that detracts from your life rather than adding happiness to it. So as I reflect today, I will grow tomorrow. At least, that’s my intention.

And I have to tell ya…I have a sneaking suspicion that 2014 is going to be the best year yet. Here’s to keeping resolutions, actualizing dreams and celebrating every day we get in this life!



BF Asks: What was your High-Low this week? What are your resolutions? What did you reflect upon with the turn of the new year?


*So what exactly is a High-Low, you ask? High-Low is the BEST & WORST part of your day, week, month, etc. I started this tradition with friends & family after I discovered it through a movie decades ago. Not only is it useful for reflection sake but it is also an excellent way to communicate with your spouse, kids or friends over the dinner table. By introducing this tradition to folks, parents have told me that their kids have opened up more and friends have told me that their spouses have become more communicative. Try it for yourself and let me know what your experience is!

New Years Eve Makeup: When in Vegas, you gotta SHINE!!

Hi beauties!

I spent New Years Eve in Vegas with good friends, amazing music, fabulous food and oodles of cocktails.

A lot of you guys saw the pics on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook and wanted to know what products made me glow.

Glowing on New Years Eve in Vegas - HoneyPunch dress ℅ M. Caroline Boutique & hair by Drybar on West 3rd St in LA

So I just wanted to share the highlights of my makeup look from New Years Eve with you, today.

In my glowing beauty treasure chest for New Years Eve? MAC, Hourglass, Antonym, Too Faced, Josie Maran, Jouer, Vani-T & more! *Necklace by Forever 21 (yes, seriously!!!)


Some of the shimmering highlights?

Tarte Pure Maracuja Oil ($46)

Antonym Cosmetics Organic Duo Eye Shadow in Café au Lait ($24)

MAC Shadows in Tempting & Woodwinked ($15)

Josie Maran Argan Illuminizer ($28)

Hourglass Cosmetics Femme Nude Lip Stylo ($30)

Jouer Age-Repairing Brightener ($32)

& more…

I felt so glam walking around in my Honey Punch rose gold sequined dress (℅ M. Caroline Boutique), Charles David gold high heels, The Artisan Group rose gold heart earrings and my smoky eyes, glowing skin and nude lips. I wanted to embody New Years Eve and I think I did just that.
After all, when else do you get to wear a short, gold-sequined dress than in Vegas?!?!


BF Asks: What were you donning as the clock struck midnight? 




Main Event Monday: Jenny Packham, Laura Mercier & TRÉSemmé at Chateau Marmont

Every now and then, being a blogger allows me to attend some pretty fun and exclusive, insider events. And I always enjoy them – not like the sophisticate I wish I could be – but with the wide-eyed exuberance and delight of the 13-year-old that I really am inside! One of my favorite events recently was my visit with Jenny Packham at Chateau Marmont hosted by TRÉSemmé and Laura Mercier.

The gorgeousness that is Jenny Packham, Laura Mercier and TRÉSemmé


Not only did I get to have an in-person & up-close showing of Jenny Packham’s glamorous Spring/Summer 2013 Collection but I also got a sneak preview into Jenny’s Autumn/Winter 2013 Collection! Combine that with macarons and summer beverages…


getting runway-ready tips from the talented TRÉSemmé hairstylists & Laura Mercier makeup artists…and finding out that Jenny Packham is utterly delightful and you can color it a perfect day for yours truly!

The sweet, delightful and talented Jenny Packham & me! As my favorite designer, this was one off the Bucket List!


Jenny’s Spring Summer 2013 collection was heartily influenced by raucous Las Vegas in the 1960s and the lovely ladies who held their own with the legendary Rat Pack. These Hollywood darlings – who were known as The Rat Pack Mascots – didn’t chase the guys in the pack, they ran with it. Women like Lauren Bacall, Shirley MacLaine and Angie Dickinson were regarded as equals by this bawdy boys club as they possessed an ravishing recipe of beauty, scrappiness, intelligence and independence.

The RatPack Mascots & Inspirations for Jenny Packham's Spring/Summer 2013 Collection: Angie Dickinson, Lauren Bacall and Shirley Maclaine

This spunky, bold femininity they exuded is exactly what inspired Jenny’s vision for her Spring Summer 2013 collection. Ethereal silk chiffons in pale waterfall blues, soft eucalyptus greens, bold sunset oranges, full mimosa yellows, delicate lilacs and coqeuttish corals radiated on the runway!


The TRÉSemmé team created effortlessly beautiful updos. Chic chignons and low ponytails with a little edge in the front. Jeanie Syfu said, ” To get the look, we started blow drying the hair with TRÉSemmé Climate Control Mousse which gives the hair lots of texture, works on all hair textures, protects the hair and – best of all – works on all textures!  So we blow dried the back with a Mason Pearson brush….. side part, teased it just so that there was some texture and grip, over directed the front forward and then began twisting right over the eye.  That’s how you kind of get this dramatic sweep throughout the front, which Jenny loved! It was kind of the focal point of the hairstyle. And then we just began twisting all the way around the nape and then pulled everything into a low ponytail. We just made sure the ends were really polished and even though it has a lot of texture happening here, which I think makes it look very modern and fresh!”


As for the makeup, I was OBSESSED with the retro-yet-modern-and-sophisticated blue lid. So I had to ask Talia Shobrook for Laura Mercier what it was, of course! And here’s her answer: “ Ok, are you sitting down comfortably? It’s a black turquoise pencil and we set the pencil with Laura Mercier Wet/Dry Baked Eye Colour in Lagoon. It kind of has this sparkly look and if you look at it in the sunlight, it looks like jewelry. And then we used Faux Lash Mascara which is mascara that’s really voluminzing and we layered it on.  We let it dry and layered it on again.  Combed it through and then layered it on again. There was a lot of layering!”


Laura Mercier Lagoon-hued eyes - like jewels!

One of the many things I love about Jenny Packham is that her collections are inspired by real, living women who are- or have been – influential to other women. For her Autumn/Winter collection, Jenny was inspired by the great intellectual salons of 17th-century Paris where noble and cultured women gathered to discuss the arts, the philosophy of Voltaire and DesCartes and to produce and shape the literature of their time.

Away from the protocols of court, these creative and enlightened women played out a social game where they alone set the rules. The Salonnières were admired and respected for their sharp wit and good taste and splendor and sophistication of their rooms reflected the passion and energy of the women that filled them. The rich tones and hues of these salons – and the women who made them come to life – are evident in the midnight blues, scarlet reds, sultry cinnamon and lustrous opals in Jenny’s Autumn/Winter 2013 collection. In each piece, the spirit of freedom that imbued these women is alive and as empowering as ever.


With the clothes powerful, Jeanie Syfu and the TRÉSemmé team kept the hair delicate, demure and pretty. Using the TRÉSemmé 24-Hour Blow Dry Lotion and subtle accents like a pale blue velvet ribbon tied around a low, loose ponytail, the legacy – and integrity – of these forward-thinking women was kept in tact.

For makeup, Talia Shobrook and the Laura Mercier team kept it beautiful but bare by using products like Laura Mercier Lip Liner in Baby Lips.

They started with Laura Mercier Multi-Vitamin serum to plump the skin, the Laura Mercier Makeup Primer – Mineral to prime the skin and then a clean, natural lip and eye. Effective enough for runway but wearable enough for red carpet and every day!

While meeting Jenny was one of the highlights of my life as a wannabe-fashionists, getting to take home a bevy of beautiful products from Laura Mercier and TRÉSemmé were like the candy on top to me!

Sweet treats from Jenny Packham, Laura Mercier and TRÉSemmé

I can’t wait to experience these pretty, pretty products and share them with you guys!

Thanks for a beautiful – and memorable – day, Jenny Packham, Laura Mercier and TRÉSemmé!

Jenny Packham & models



BF Asks: What are your favorite products from TRÉSemmé and Laura Mercier? Which of these Jenny Packham runway looks are you excited to try?