McCoy’s MeCations: The Orlando Hotel & West 3rd Street in Los Angeles

It was time. Time for what? A MeCation, naturally. My spring has been the busiest yet, and I was in need of a little R&R.

My week is usually filled to the brim with activities and events, all in the name of work. But this McCoy’s MeCation with The Orlando Hotel on West 3rd Street in Los Angeles, was a little different. This was the FIRST time that a number of my girlfriends actually wrote me to say they were jealous. While I don’t like anyone feeling jealous of anything I’m doing, in this case, I could certainly understand. I felt utterly treated and pampered to the best of what LA has to offer, and all right down the street from me, on my favorite street!

We started out by checking into our rooms at The Orlando Hotel on West 3rd Street.

Welcome to The Orlando!

Welcome to The Orlando!

When I found out I would be staying in their Entertainers Suite – complete with an extra room for entertaining, and a large balcony, overlooking West 3rd Street, I knew I had found my home for the next two days.


The balcony of The Entertainer suite at The Orlando

The balcony of The Entertainer suite at The Orlando

I was in heaven.

Heaven, overlooking West 3rd Street

Heaven, overlooking West 3rd Street. (Editor’s note: While this looks relaxing, every single girl on that balcony was SO nervous I would fall)

But, as gorgeous as the room was, I couldn’t rest on my laurels, or on the luxurious linens, in this case.


No, we had a jam-packed agenda ahead of us, and we had places to go and people to see!

Bloggers on the loose!

Bloggers on the loose!

First up on our day of pampering?

Bedhead Pajamas, where they had champ and super comfy pjs, waiting for us.

Always the hostess with the mostest…yep, even when it's not my party. It's what I do.

Always the hostess with the mostest…yep, even when it’s not my party. It’s what I do.

We all loved the pajama party-meets-British-boho bedroom vibe of the store, so of course, we snapped a pic or two.

On the bed at, um, Bedhead

No, we don’t normally snuggle on the bed at events. On the bed at, um, Bedhead.

We shared one more toast outside in the beautiful Bedhead courtyard, but there was no time to waste.

photo copy 6

Next, we were off to Murad to have relaxing hand massages, and face mapping to tell us how our skin was looking!

Relaxxxxxed at Murad

I was thrilled that my skin only read a low “13” on the damage scale, so with proper skincare, my skin is aging right on time.

Fear not. It's just my face being mapped for sun damage, and (gasp!), signs of aging. Not too shabby.

Fear not. It’s just my face being mapped for sun damage, and (gasp!), signs of aging. Not too shabby.

We then headed right next door to get gorgeous blowouts at one of my favorite salons, Spoke And Weal.

Hair done? Check.

Hair done? Check.

Then, we headed back to The Orlando for dinner at The Churchill.

The food and handcrafted cocktails were delicious! And we actually got to taste EVERYTHING on this menu, as it was served family style.

Delicious possibilities at The Churchill

Delicious possibilities at The Churchill


But, my favorite part  was when I asked everyone to go around the table, and say what they admire about each of our dinner dates. I love doing this with my girlfriends – new and old – as everyone leaves the table, feeling uplifted. I wish all women would do this!

Happy & hungry girls.

Happy & hungry girls.


After dinner, we headed upstairs and changed into our Bedhead pjs, where Rachael and I were so excited about my bathtub, that we hopped right in! You know. Totally normal.

Can't have a proper me cation without bathtime!

And then, inspired by our pretty pjs, we opted for a pillow fight photo session.

Pillow fight!

Pillow fight!

As a bedtime treat, the sweet folks at Sweet E’s had left us some sweet nothings on our bedside tables. Sweet dreams, indeed.

Look at the custom BeautyFrosting cupcake and Orlando cookie! Swoon.

Look at the custom BeautyFrosting cupcake and Orlando cookie! Swoon.

Next? SLEEP. Contrary to what I’ve always thought, pampering can be exhausting.

The next morning, I kicked off the day with a little me-time meditation on my balcony.

Head in the clouds, heart in the right place

Head in the clouds, heart in the right place

Then, it was Clover Juice morning happy hour with my fellow editors and bloggers.

These robes were just as comfy as they look.

These robes were just as comfy as they look.

Followed by pool time, naturally.

Sunday Funday

Sunday Funday: Sun bathing at its best in the middle of the city

It was one of my all-time favorite weekends. But it’s not just for me! If you’re feeling a little rundown – or just in need of a break – head to West 3rd Street, and stay at The Orlando for your own little mecation. All of this pampering is merely steps away. And trust me, you’ll be glad you did.



Editor’s Note: As per all my McCoy’s MeCations, this post was sponsored by the participating host hotel – in this case, The Orlando Hotel (8384 W. 3rd Street, Los Angeles CA 90048). All accommodations, services, fare and beverages were provided by the host hotel, and their associates.

McCoy’s MeCations: Satori Tea Company in San Jose – A Whimsical, Tantalizing Tea Room

I love surprises. The good kind. The sweet kind.
I ran into one of these such sweet surprises when I discovered Satori Tea Company on a lark on my McCoy’s MeCation in San Jose this past weekend.

Satori Tea Company in downtown San Jose

For those of you who don’t know, I grew up going to afternoon tea with my mom on a regular basis. It was our thing. It was our chance to catch up with one another after school, eat some delicious food and share with her all of my hopes and dreams (with a little gossip mixed in here and there) – all while sipping our cups of tea. My senior year of high school, we went daily whenever we could, because we knew we wouldn’t have that opportunity the following year. So afternoon tea, or high tea, has always held a special place in my heart.

The Royal Tea at Satori Tea Company in San Jose

Finding a good tearoom that measures up to those I remember from my youth, like the long-gone Lady Primrose in Dallas, is no easy quest. Until now. On a lark, I decided to take my Step Up Women’s Network alum mentee, Rosy, to tea, while in San Jose for Oprah’s The Life You Want weekend. We had gone to tea together once before in Beverly Hills, and it was now becoming our tradition, much like it had been for my mom and I.

A royal high tea with Rosy at Satori Tea Company

I walked around downtown San Jose and stumbled upon Satori Tea Company. This place hits all the points I deem crucial when it comes to an exemplary afternoon tea. And, it’s no surprise as owner, Victoria, partook in tea classes as a child and then found herself later studying the art of tea while studying abroad in England as a college student.

  • There is a wide and interesting selection of teas – a wall of them, actually, that you can sample-sniff.

    The wall of tea at Satori Tea Company

  •  They offer a wide and tasty selection of flavorful, authentic, homemade tea sandwiches.
  •  They serve true clotted cream (as well as lemon curd and jam) with their scones

    Clotted cream, lemon curd and jam - topped with pomegranate seeds and berries - for the homemade scones at Satori Tea Company

  •  They add their own twists on the classic tea, like these crumpets topped with their homemade yum – I mean – rum butter.

    Homemade Crumpets topped with their homemade yum butter - er, I mean - RUM BUTTER.

Housed in an unassuming space, its front door faces a parking lot. Nothing magical on the storefront…but then you go inside. Magic. Pure magic.

Poms cascading from the ceiling at Satori Tea Company

Poms hang from the ceiling, beautiful antique furniture abounds (SO beautiful that I kept trying to buy it), and servers are dressed in beautiful, feminine frocks. I felt transported to a Mad Hatter tea party in the middle of downtown San Jose. Not bad for a Friday!

I. Want. These. Chairs. For my office, please?

I recommend ordering the Royal Tea ($45) which includes 3 finger sandwich selections (2 each) on a bed of delicate green salad, warm heritage cream scone served with fresh fruit, clotted cream, lemon curd, & preserves, an assortment of petite tea fancies, twice toasted crumpet topped with sweet rum butter, plentiful pot of tea, and a flute of their signature tea-infused champagne cocktail.
Enjoy the complex flavors of their wide selection of tea sandwiches, their toasted crumpets with homemade rum butter, scones with clotted cream, jam and lemon curd, and petite pastries that are sure to please.

Oh, the deliciousness! Shown here: Cucumber Cream Cheese sandwiches and pastries

As for the sandwiches, these are their delicious offerings:
  • English cucumber & cream cheese
  • Egg salad with green onion & dill
  • Pear, gorgonzola cream, & arugula
  • Apple, cranberry, almond chicken salad
  • Herbed turkey, pesto, & pepper jack
  • Smoked salmon, cream cheese, capers
  • Ham, English cheddar, & fig butter
  • Peanut butter & jelly with sprinkles

I am still dreaming of those oh-so-tasty tea sandwiches (8 varieties, including ) and the Breakfast Club pink tea, which is the comforting taste of cinnamon toast meets bread pudding meets morning porridge. Yes, really. I actually left with a tin of this, I was such a fan!

And, my purchase didn’t stop there! They have a beautiful selection of antique teacups, tea sets and teapots, so I also picked up some delicious Christmas gifts for friends and family.

Best of all, it reminds me of the sweet and tasty tearooms of my youth. Satori Tea Company is a warm, inviting, delicious, whimsical little world that invites you to share tea, swap stories and make memories – like the ones my mom and I have – that will last a lifetime.

If you’re in the Bay Area, I can’t recommend highly enough that you schedule a visit to this tantalizing tea room. You will thank me for the recommendation.

**Stay tuned for some delicious recipes from Victoria of Satori Tea Company, coming soon here on BeautyFrosting!


BF Asks: What’s your favorite tearoom? 



McCoy’s MeCations: The Ways of San Jose

When I was invited to attend Oprah’s The Life You Want weekend in San Jose this past weekend, I decided to make a McCoy’s MeCation out of it, because well, that’s what I do.

On my way to Oprah, my most exciting McCoy's MeCation yet!

I’ve never been to San Jose before and I was so excited to navigate this bay area city on my own and, um, on Oprah’s terms.

It started with my check-in at The Fairmont San Jose. When Oprah’s having a party and your hotel is the most luxurious in town, they’re gonna be a little – shall we say – busy. Everyone was staying there – including, I was told, Oprah herself. Even though The Fairmont had over 850 guests check in this weekend on the last stop of the Oprah’s The Life You Want weekend, The Fairmont staff still managed to make me feel like a star during my stay.

I left The Fairmont feeling relaxed, recharged and inspired. What more could a girl ask for from a mecation?

From the personal recommendations on where to dine, to the turndown service, and Republic of Tea surprise nightcap, I truly felt pampered for my inspiring, Oprah-fueled San Jose mecation weekend.

A comfy robe and an unexpected Republic of Tea nightcap, served with simple syrup

The Executive King Suite in the main building

I started with a relaxing in-room light lunch to get my belly filled, my mind cleared and my body relaxed for what was up next on the mecation agenda. *Travel note: I always try to order the same first room service meal at every hotel I stay in: caesar salad and french onion soup. By using this as my common thread, I know what level of cuisine I’m in for once I taste it. This one indicated excellent food to come!

A happy girl right there. All it took was a bowl of french onion soup, caesar salad and a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon

Next, I headed down to the lobby to Tova Day Spa, where I was surprised by a most relaxing massage with Flurya and the best facial of my life (no exaggeration here) with owner, Tova. Tova is just a ray of light who takes great pride in her spa. And, I really appreciated the fact that she was so gentle with me since it was my first time getting a microdermabrasion facial.

Facial time with Tova. My first time having gentle microdermabrasion and truly the best facial of my life

In the sauna at Tova Day Spa, before returning to my Oprah weekend

Afterwards, my skin felt softer than it had in years – like that proverbial baby’s bottom we all crave – and my skin glowed and looked lit within.

My skin was the softest it had been in years! Still is, thanks to Tova

Walking through the city (which I love to do), I stumbled upon my hidden gem in San Jose…Satori Tea Company. This place might just be my new favorite tea house. If you’re in San Jose, do yourself a favor and head to this little treasure chest of a tea house that sits in an alley facing a parking lot. Unexpected surprises in the most unexpected of places, yet again! Isn’t that what travel is all about? *Stay tuned for more details about that experience!

My most favorite high tea experience in over a decade

For my last dinner, I indulged in the deliciousness at The Grill on The Alley, a traditional steakhouse, which was a comforting trip to the past in my weekend of new discoveries. *More on that later, too.

When it comes to dinner in San Jose? Stick to The Grill on the Alley - the best in town, and better yet, in the lobby of your hotel when you stay at The Fairmont

Overall, The Fairmont San Jose made for the best home away from home, married with a touch of an escape for a weekend that was all about bettering myself.

Relaxed, recharged, reinvigorated - and ready to take on the world! Thank you, San Jose.

I rested in their super luxurious beds with buttery soft sheets, I beautified and relaxed in their spa and I dined – oh, how I dined – at their restaurants. And the best part? I got to enjoy some of the best of what San Jose had to offer all in one beautiful building.

My San Jose MeCation Travel Takeaway?

  • 1) Fly into the San Jose International Airport.
  • 2) Splurge a bit and stay at The Fairmont.
  • 3) Order room service at least once.
  • 4) Enjoy The Fairmont breakfast buffet at The Fountain – only $25 – it is SO worth it.
  • 5) Pamper yourself with the best facial of your life at Tova Day Spa.
  • 6) Head over to Satori Tea Company for one of the best high teas you’ll ever have (and be sure to leave with a tin or two of tea and one of their vintage antique tea sets)
  • 7) Spend at least 30 minutes walking around the city (and any city you’re traveling in) so you can get a true feel of the beat of that city.


I’m so excited about…Cosmoprof North America this weekend!

If you had told the 13-year-old me that at age 36, I would be a beauty expert who would be flown to Vegas, stay at the Mandalay Bay and get to see thousands of new beauty products at Cosmoprof North America and share them every day with the world – via video I would have been pretty sure that you were talking about heaven.

I am thrilled - and honored - to serve on the Beaut-E Zone panel at Cosmoprof North America at Mandalay Bay in Vegas this weekend! Bring on the beauty!

As a little girl-turned-teen who used to spend my spare time wandering the makeup counters of Neiman Marcus in Dallas – and begging makeup artists to put makeup on me – beauty was an early passion of mine.

When it was time to get a job in college, I stayed true to that wide-eyed, beauty loving kid and, at 18, worked as the youngest makeup artist for Trish McEvoy at that very same Neiman Marcus.

See, I loved beauty. I LOVE beauty. And, most especially, I love sharing my favorite beauty products, tips and secrets with other people. I love getting to try beauty and lifestyle products every day and weed through them so I can share my favorite picks with you.
So I am beyond honored, thrilled and delighted to serve as a panelist & liasion on the Beaut-E Zone panel at Cosmoprof North America in Las Vegas this weekend. I will report to you daily on the best of the beauty products and services I see.

And lucky me! I will be joined on the panel by some of my favorite fellow beauty experts – who just so happen to be my friends – including Susan Yara (former editor of New Beauty and now of Mixed Makeup) and Jennifer Chan (The Fabulous File), Cassandra Bankson and Tati Westbrook.

The show is not open to the public so we will be the eyes and ears to thousands as to what’s trending next in beauty. Will it be organic skincare, beauty gadgets, makeup hues, hair or nails? With over 900 beauty brands, who knows?! But, boy-oh-boy, am I ready to find out!

So stay tuned as I report back live daily (Saturday 7/12 – Tuesday 7/15) from Cosmoprof North America at Mandalay Bay on the newest launches from beauty brands you may have never heard of – to brands you know and love, such as Moroccan Oil, Creative Nail & Design, OPI, Joico, Essie, DryBar, FHI and more!

The 13-year-old me is so excited she can barely stand it!


BF Asks: Got any brands I should be on the lookout for? What new products would you like to see?