Putting the Treat in Trick’or’Treat with Magnolia Bakery

When it comes to trick’or’treating, I’ll take TREAT, thank you very much.

So, when  @magnoliabakery calls and says, “Can someone stop by to pick up a Halloween gift from us to you?”, the answer is “I’ll be right there.” Bahahahaha…emojiemoji

A sneak peek of the treats in store from Magnolia Bakery


If you’re having a Halloween party this year, Magnolia Bakery Halloween cupcakes are a must!

Magnolia Bakery Halloween cupcakes & my Last Minute Punch (featured on Thirsty Thursday tomorrow)

For $24, you can get 6 haaaaauuuunted cupcakes, perfect for any Halloween party or dinner!

Even Miss Ellie is a big fan!

The sweet ones likes the sweet things from Magnolia Bakery, too!


BF Asks: What treats are you scaring up this Halloween?

The Sweet Life with Dawn McCoy: A Magical Day at Magnolia Bakery

My heart belongs to Magnolia Bakery. So when I got the opportunity to visit one of my favorite places for a little frosting lesson and fun, I jumped at the chance. Find out how the frosting experts at Magnolia get that “signature swirl”, see if I can replicate it and see what other emotions their delicious treats stir up for me. A magical day at Magnolia, indeed. Join me for a taste…


Now, isn’t THAT the sweetest?

Gorgeous Giveaway: A BeautyFrosting-FleaMarket Girl Cupcake Necklace Giveaway!

As y’all know, I celebrated my 2-year BeautyFrosting bloggiversary a few weeks ago. I was suprised and delighted that some of my favorite brands sent me a slew of some of my most favorite products – including this FleaMarket Girl cupcake charm necklace!

How perfect is this FleaMarket Girl cupcake charm necklace?

But why should I be the only one celebrating? After all, you – my readers and social media followers – make BeautyFrosting possible. So it may have been BeautyFrosting’s birthday but YOU get the gifts! I have a number of BF Gorgeous Giveaways over the next few months that I am SOOOOO excited to share with you. And I’m thrilled to kick it off with this one!

Win It! I am giving away 5 FleaMarket Girl Cupcake Charm necklaces! (details below)

I am giving away 5 (!!!) FleaMarket Girl cupcake charm necklaces to celebrate 2 years of BeautyFrosting! To enter, just do two of the steps below:

1) Follow BeautyFrosting on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

2) Share one of our pics on Facebook or Twitter or regram our pic on Instagram. Be sure to tag @BeautyFrosting @FleaMarketGirl #CupcakeCharmNecklaceGiveaway

3) Tell me what you love about BeautyFrosting. Was there a story that resonated with you? What’s your favorite feature? Was there a product you saw on BF that ended up becoming a favorite?

That’s it!

Again, I’ll pick 5 (!!!) winners next Friday, April 4th who will win this oh-so-gorgeous FleaMarket Girl cupcake charm necklace!




BF Asks: What outfit would you wear with your FleaMarket Girl cupcake charm necklace if you win? 

Mailbox Monday: Dear Dawn

Dear Dawn,

Please tell me where you get the charm necklaces we see you wear on BeautyFrosting. I’m particularly in love with the heart necklace (in a pic I saw), the sideways cross (in a FREEday Friday post) and the cupcake!! I’m thinking they would be the perfect Graduation/Rush gifts! Please share asap. Thank you!


Molly T.

Dear Molly T.,

I’m so flattered you noticed my necklaces.

Have I got a tip for you!! You’re gonna love me for this one, Molly.

And I agree! These are the PERRRFECT gifts for graduation, rush or even just a friend’s birthday. At under $20 (!!!!!), they are friendly to any beauty’s budget!

I found this beautiful and budget-friendly private line of jewelery, Flea Market Girl, at a Schecky’s Girls Night Out in Santa Monica in April. I had an extreeeeemely limited budget but ended up buying 4 necklaces for gifts for under $40. Wowza!! I’d been looking for dainty charm necklaces for a while and they were all too rich for me at over $200. Yikes!

So when I found Flea Market Girl, I was a happy, happy girl!!

For those who may be a little less observant than you, here are a few photos of the charms you’re asking about:

The Sideways Cross Necklace

Flea Market Girl Cross

Flea Market Girl Cross (seen in bottom right picture)

 Sideways Small Bronze Cross Necklace from Flea Market Girl ($15)

The Cupcake

Flea Market Girl Cupcake

Flea Market Girl Cupcake

 Gold plated Brass Cupcake Charm Necklace from Flea Market Girl ($7.50)

 Heart Necklace

Brass Heart Necklace from Flea Market Girl ($12)

Brass Heart Necklace from Flea Market Girl ($12)

Brass Heart Necklace from Flea Market Girl ($12)

Texas (& other state charms) 

Texas Gold-plated Brass Charm from Flea Market Girl ($7.50)

And I got this lovely sideways cross bracelet from FMG too!

Sideways Cross Bracelet from Flea Market Girl ($15)

To get your dainty, stylish jewelry, visit www.FleaMarketGirl.com

Hope that answers all your questions (and more!), Molly T!
Please let me know what fun Flea Market Girl jewelry you end up with!



BF Asks: What jewelry have you been hunting for? Let me know and I’ll keep my expert shopper’s eye out for it!