WILD!!! I feel like a 70s Glamour Puss in Summer

So, as you beauties know, I get to try A LOT of products. With Lorac, I usually end up loving them! And this WILD FOR TANTALIZER was no exception.

Lorac Wild For Tantalizer ($39)

Lorac Wild For Tantalizer ($39)

When Lorac sent me this collection, I thought I’d give it a try for a beauty event I went to on Tuesday night. And I wished that it would make me channel Jaclyn Smith while I prayed it’d look “okay” on me.

Well, it SURPASSED my WILDEST expectations!!

I put it on quickly before going out for the evening to The Viceroy in Santa Monica.

I applied the lightest shadow (Fierce) on my brow bone, Panthera on the lid, Saber right above the crease (on the eye socket) and Tigris right in the crease as well as on the lower lash line.

Lorac Wild For Tantalizer: Eyes  *Photo by Amy Opoka

Lorac Wild For Tantalizer: Eyes *Photo by Amy Opoka

After applying my winged eyeliner, under-eye concealer and tinted moisturizer, I applied a pop of peach blush to the apples of my cheeks and then applied the Animal Print Face Bronzer.

Lorac Wild For Tantalizer: Bronzer  *Photo by Amy Opoka

Lorac Wild For Tantalizer: Bronzer *Photo by Amy Opoka

How to apply? I like to start on the cheekbones and work it up in an upside down heart shape on my nose up to my temples. Then I do a regular heart by starting at the nose, carrying on it across the underside of the cheekbones down to my chinny-chin-chin.

Lorac Wild For Tantalizer: Bronzer  *Photo by Amy Opoka

Lorac Wild For Tantalizer: Bronzer *Photo by Amy Opoka

Lastly, I lightly applied a Nude lip liner and buttered up my lips with the Creme Brulee-scented TANtalizer Lips with Benefits Gloss in Raoul. This shade SCREAMS beach-time beauty! It’s a super-sexy, shimmering peachy bronze.

I was also lucky enough to have my have photographer, Amy Opoka, with me to snap some poolside shots before the evening was in full swing.

Beach-Ready Beauty: Lorac Wild For Tantalizer  *Photo by Amy Opoka

Lorac Wild For Tantalizer: Lips *Photo by Amy Opoka

I have to say it is the PERFECT Beach Beauty collection for this July 4th week!

Lorac Wild For Tantalizer: Lips *Photo by Amy Opoka

Beach-Ready Beauty: Lorac Wild For Tantalizer*Photo by Amy Opoka



BF Asks: What is your go-to Beach-Ready Beauty tip?

I love them, and I know you will too!

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