Dear Mom? What to write to the woman you love most

It’s that time of year again. Time to tell your Mom, or wife or grandmother, etc.- how much you love and value her.

Uh-oh. What to say?

KISS! Keep it simple, sweetheart!

Many moms would prefer a few, heartfelt, sweet words than all of the diamonds in the world!

Here are some tips and tricks to get those heartfelt diamond words just rolling off the tongue!

1) Make her a card. Freshen up on that penmanship Mom always loved! Emails & texts are nice…for every day. Not for a holiday and certainly not for the special lady in your life on her special day! Write a card, use personal stationery, draw a picture. But just make sure it comes directly from your heart to the pen to the paper to her heart. It will mean much more to her than a text or email ever could. And, by the way, who doesn’t love getting mail?


2) Recall a favorite memory with Mom. Write it up, as you remember it, and include it in a sweet card or – better yet – make a card yourself by choosing a personal family photo to accompany it. Maybe a pic of you and Mom coming home from the hospital? Graduation? Wedding? You and Santa?

Use an 8 1/2 x 11 inch sheet/cardstock and double-stick tape or glue the photo at the top. Underneath, include the moving memory. Whether it be sweet, funny or sad, it will take Mom on that long-needed walk down Memory Lane.

4) Find a poem online that tells her how you feel. Pinterest is great for this. Also , google “mom quotes” or “mom poems” or look at my quotes on BeautyFrosting. If you’re coming up dry, please email me and I’ll help you out!

Also, check out Thursday’s Mother’s Day Gift-Giving Guide, Part 2: Long on Love, Short on Time & Money for thoughtful gifting tips for the Mom in your life!




BF Asks: What’s your favorite quote about moms?

As Jenny checks “Yes” today…


Friends make the memories that tell the story of our lives.
I am home this weekend, in Dallas, for one of my best friend’s weddings.
In milestone moments like these, memories flood my thoughts and leave me smiling.
Last night, while nightswimming (ask REM if it’s a verb), George Strait’s “Check Yes or No” came on my iPod.
It was too perfect. I always think of Jenny, the bride-to-be, blaring this song on her car stereo, in high school, when I hear this song about love and how simple it can be.

Jenny & BF: Episcopal School of Dallas Graduation 1996

Songs are the soundtrack to our lives.
Lots of songs remind me of Jenny and our fun times in high school.
And here one was playing on the eve of her wedding to Jon, whom she met in high school and began dating later.
Wow. She checked “yes” as you can see.

Jenny & Jon: The newlyweds-to-be

When I think of Jenny,  I think of toll road drives (driving to the end of the world as we knew it – there’s REM again),lemonade and JD’s Chippery cookies (the best in the world), sneaking away for lunch at Bubba’s, our trip to Destin with our dear friend Allison & my family, Cancun Spring Break ’95, Europe ’96 and Jenny and I skipping school in our senior year to go see my depressed Papaw at the sale barn in Durant, Oklahoma after my beloved Nanny passed away. Don’t hate us for that last one, Mr.Eason.
We were together through thick and thin. And she’s one of those rare friends who is there for you when you most need it.
Those memories never die. They live on as long as we do.
And friendships born in those memories are always there in one incarnation or another.

As VP (me) & Secretary (Jenny) of Student Body at ESD

What has Jenny given me over the years?

Jenny & me

She taught me to care a little less about what people think of me (still working on that one), that faith can get you through the hardest of times, family is most important,  and, most of all, that you have to be able to laugh at yourself sometimes and not to take yourself so seriously.

Laughter is the language of friendship

She also taught me that it’s good to have a best friend along for those moments when the laughter doesn’t come as easily.
When I think Jenny, I think laughter.

ESD Senior Prank Day with Jenny

And today, while there may not be a lot of laughter, there will be plenty of smiles as Jenny and Jon look out into the crowd.
Congratulations Jenny & Jon!
May you be as happy the rest of your lives as you are today…
and may there be LOTS of laughter.

Saturday Social Hour: Eat, Design, Love! WestWeek at PDC

When I was invited by Penelope Francis & Co. to the “Eat, Design, Love!” event during WestWeek at Aran Cucine at the Pacific Design Center, I was thrilled. You mean, three of my most favorite things all in one room with design, culinary and editorial gurus all contributing? Yes, yes, LOVE!! So who was at this lovely meeting of the minds? The dapper & divinely-inspired designer, Christopher Kennedy, the delightful designer Jiun Ho and champion chef Josiah Citrin of Melisse. All of the comfortable entertaining-themed banter was moderated by the enchanting Arianne Nardo of Interiors magazine.

When I arrived, I started with a glass of infused water. Always good to start with water when you know cocktails will be involved!

Cucumber & Citrus-infused Water at Eat, Design, Love!

I sat close to the stage and got an excellent view of dapper designer, Christopher Kennedy’s socks.

Christopher Kennedy's fabulous socks

His whole ensemble was just too much and yet I couldn’t get enough! Take Cary Grant, and marry him with Jimmy Stewart, and that’s the supreme style we’re talking about here. Lovely.

There were a few key entertaining notes that all of the panelists agreed upon.

1) Have plenty of food for it is a party sin to run out

2) Comfortable entertaining doesn’t necessarily mean casual entertaining

3) Always serve a signature cocktail (I abide by this)

Even at parties as an attendee. Here, I took my Spicy Jalapeño margarita “shot’ and poured it into my champagne…

it just seemed like the right thing to do. And, thus, my Cali-meets-Texan signature cocktail-of-the-day was born!

*And here’s a BF party tip. Always wear a lip color that stays on your lips, off your glass and brightens up your face in pics…without looking like a party clown!

Dawn McCoy, Arianne Nardo and Christopher Kennedy at Eat, Design, Love

Here, I am wearing Tarte’s Lipsurgence Matte Lip Tint in Lively.

And it never stopped doing its lively, lovely job!

Thank you to Penelope Francis & Co., Aran Cusine, PDC, WestWeek and the amazing panel for providing us all with a memorable, and delicious, afternoon!



BF Asks: What is your signature cocktail? What lipstick never lets you down at a party? 

I love them, and I know you will too!

Shindig Shoppe
Love the design of my site? My logo? My face chart? My invites?
This is where you need to go.
The brilliant, always-stylish, Vanessa York’s Shindig Shoppe.
She is my design fairy godmother for all of your beautiful graphic needs.

Amy Opoka Photography
“Who did your photos?”
I get this. A LOT.
Amy Opoka did them and she has done lots more where that comes from.
Music, fashion, editorial, headshots, live performances: she’s your girl.


I heart this blog. It has taught me so much. Like, to eat a bowl of corn the night before a photo shoot to make your skin glow.
And its creator, Elizabeth Baker, is one of my favorite ladies. I’ve known her since she was in high school and she has always been an icon waiting to happen.

Neiman Marcus
I grew up at Neiman Marcus Northpark. I jokingly refer to it as The Mothership. My first job was here, working for Trish McEvoy. I always visit when I’m home and, during a shopping job at the Beverly Hills location, I love grabbing lunch at their cozy restaurant.

Beauty Collection
Lots of shopping for my clients takes place here, both in-store and online. They’re accommodating, kind and super-informed.

Woo Skincare & Cosmetics
I worked at Woo, years ago, as a Bobbi Brown counter manager and helped introduce the Armani Beauty line to Nashville, as Armani’s Counter Manager.
More importantly, you can find almost everything I write about at Woo!

Uptown Country Home
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