High-Low 9

Happy last few weeks of summer, golden girls!

I had many memorable moments this week but my favorites came from my party this weekend that I hosted for my big brother, David.

Me with the guest of honor, my big brother - David

David, a.k.a. “Sueno”, has been in Los Angeles for the summer. He lives in Dallas normally, where he is a Government professor, but has had a lovely LA summer out here for the past 2 months.

I’ve been a little more like Julie McCoy – on The Love Boat – than Dawn McCoy, acting as a social coordinator and/or camp counselor for him during his stay here.

It has been a busy, busy summer but a magical and memorable one, as well!

So, of course, I had to give him a proper send-off!

I decided to host “A Fiesta for Sueno” replete with homemade margaritas, summer sangria, friends’ dishes, pie, cupcakes, a kiddie pool and more.

Here are the highlights from the fun fiesta!


The Invite:


My true calling: Party Hostess


The Social Lubrication? Our family’s favorite cocktail. Did somebody say Margarita? I tried to recreate Mi Cocina in Los Angeles. It was good but NOTHING compared to Mi Cocina in Dallas!

Kickin' Cucumber-Jalapeno Margaritas


An added bonus? Utilizing my Nanny’s antique relish tray for customizable margaritas. Love it!

Limes, Jalapeños & Sweet Pickles - oh my!


Pie time!!!

BF and my Avocado Pie with Toasted Coconut and Tequila Whipped Cream


And the food? The food was AMAAAAAAZING!! I made Big Mouth Black Bean Dip, Drunk Pico de Gallo, Zesty Citrus Guacamole, Texas Praline Cupcakes, Avocado Pie with Toasted Coconut & Tequila Whipped Cream and The Devil’s Cupcakes (Mexican Chili Chocolate with Nutella Mascarpone Frosting). And my sweet and culinarily-talented friends brought Bean & Cheese enchiladas, Chicken Enchiladas Suizas, Mexican Lasagna, Mexican Salad and Mexican rice casserole. YUM!!!

The Tex-Mex spread


Kickin' Cucumber-Jalapeno Margarita & Avocado Pie


Even the cupcakes were Tex-Mex themed!

My good friend, Amy, brought the biggest hit of all — A KIDDIE POOL!!! On this super-hot LA day, this saved the party! Adults, and kids alike, were in summer heaven! It never hurts to have a little slice of nostalgia served up with your margarita!

Around the campfire? Not on this scorching hot day!


A few of my favorite girls!!


It was one of my all-time favorite days! A beautiful summer day spent with my brother and good friends. Yet again, I am reminded how fortunate I am. To live in this beautiful, beachside city and to have the best friends that make throwing a party an effortless affair.



I know it’s gonna be hard to say goodbye to my big brother but, at least, we have this fun fiesta as a beautiful memory of his time here. Fiesta, indeed.



Ouch!!!!!!! That’s what I said when I reached into the drawer of my vanity, to pull out my hairbrush, and was met with a searing pain instead. I’m applying neosporin, and crossing my fingers, praying it doesn’t scar. But it’s a bummer because it’s on my makeup swatting hand! Just thankful it wasn’t worse!





BF Asks: What was your High-Low this week?


Happy Easter and Happy Passover, beauties!

Hi beauties,

Happy Easter and Happy Passover, friends!
Celebrate with those you hold dear: indulge in comfort food, eat delicious treats, drink from the punchbowl of life see the beauty in everything you see, and, most importantly…
Be grateful for everything you have right now. Here. Today.

*BeautyFrosting will be busy preparing for her Classic Southern Easter Dinner so we will be on hiatus until Monday morning (4/9). But rest assured that there will be lots of fun menu items, recipes and fun for Saturday Social Hour next week! And recipes throughout the week!

Classic Southern Easter Dinner Invite by Shindig Shoppe (http://www.etsy.com/shop/ShindigLA) :
 But for now, enjoy some lovely, Spring-loving holiday weekend images:




BF Asks: How are you celebrating Easter/Passover?

Spoil-Me Sunday: BF’s Signature Polish Color – Essie “Splash of Grenadine”

BF's Signature Color: Essie "A Splash of Grenadine"

I first spotted, what is now, my signature color on a lovely girl in my pilates class.

She told me the name and I will forever be grateful.

Essie “A Splash of Grenadine” is my signature shade when I need a splash of color.

And with the April showers coming to L.A, a bit early, this weekend, I needed that splash, for sure.

As my mom (and probably yours too) used to say…

“Tryyyyyy it, you’ll liiiiike it”.

It’s a beautiful thing.

Special thanks to Mary at Wynn Nail Spa for a lovely mani.




BF Asks: What is your signature shade?


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