In-My-Tub-Tuesday: Exfolimate Face and Body Exfoliation

Last week, I tried something unlike anything I’ve ever tried before. And I must say I am intrigued which is why I MUST share it with you on In-My-Tub-Tuesday, today!

In-My-Tub-Tuesday: Exfolimate Face and Body Exfoliation ($39.95)

So what is this intriguing beauty product sitting in my bathtub? A revolution in exfoliation called Exfolimate.

Exfolimate is a hand-held exfoliation tool, with innovative micro grooves and a smooth edge technology that glides along your skin to gently and precisely exfoliate. Think of it as a skin squeegee. Yes, really!
You use Exfolimate in the tub or shower (or at the sink, I suppose) when your skin is damp and your skin the most supple. So how does it work? Well, here’s where it’s gonna sound, um, weird. There is almost a blade-like, dull edge that does its job to eradicate excess oil, dirt and dead skin from your face and body. Each Exfolimate comes with one tool for the face and one larger tool for the body so you’re covered there.

It’s so easy to use, you’re gonna wonder if you’re using it correctly. You are. It’s super simple.
So my results? I didn’t see any evident dirt or oil come off my face but keep in mind that I have been religious with my skin-cleaning routine since I was 11 and I am super dry. But when I used the Body Exfolimate on my upper back, well, let’s just say I saw some instant results! My skin was left feeling deeply cleansed.

A perfect alternative to grainy scrubs that can oftentimes cause irritation, Exfolimate works to clean pores, tone and exfoliate all in one step. And it leaves you with a natural, glowing radiance with not a bit of ruddiness in sight! Plus, my skin felt smoother after each use.

Some other good ways to use Exfolimate? When getting ready for a spray tan, for a pedicure and for smoother shaving and waxing.

It’s worth a try! And I think those of you on the more oily side will definitely see immediate results!!




BF Asks: Will you give Exfolimate a try?