Thirsty Thursday: The Southern Beauty summer cocktail

What is more refreshing in summertime – watermelon, limeade or rum?

Well, thanks to this sweet summer recipe from Elizabeth Scokin of Haute Hostess, you don’t have to choose just one.

Her cocktail, The Southern Beauty contains all of these refreshing ingredients in one sensational summer cocktail – plus a surprising hint of mint.

The Southern Beauty - Haute Hostess's Elizabeth Scokin's sensational summer cocktail!

The Southern Beauty
My Haute Hostess cocktail recipe for summer parties al fresco

1 watermelon
1 large can of frozen limeade
handful of mint
crushed ice
light rum

Scoop out the inside of a watermelon and put pulp in lg ziplocs
Freeze overnight

In a blender put in one bag watermelon, 1/2 can of limeade,
handful of fresh mint, 1 cup of rum, 2 cups crushed ice.
Blend. Serve in martini glasses with sprig of mint.
Gorgeous cocktail. Great for a Non-alcoholic drink too without rum~

Try it out and check out her fab site, Haute Hostess, for some divine ideas for hostess gifts this summer!
I’m partial to the Missoni-style (light Missoni print lined with purple satin) Margherita apron. So if you’re visiting me, I’m not saying you should get it for me… I’m just saying I wouldn’t mind.

Haute Hostess Margherita Apron - a light Missoni knit with purple satin lining - perfect for summer entertaining




BF Asks: What’s your sensational summer cocktail? Share it with me and you might have your summer cocktail recipe featured on BeautyFrosting’s Thirsty Thursday!


BF’s Holiday Gorgeous Gift-Giving Guide: Haute Hostess Glam It Up LUXE aprons

As I’m sure is the same with many of you out there, much of my life occurs in my kitchen. And more often than not, I greet my party guests at the door in my apron. I’m also notorious for dressing up my homebody attire with a girly apron when I’m relaxing at home and meditating as I do…by baking.

With Elizabeth Scokin’s Haute Hostess Glam It Up Luxe Apron in Rosalynn or Ashley ($350), my kitchen couture is taken to a whole new level.

Haute Hostess apron in Rosalynn ($350)

Haute Hostess apron in Ashley ($350)

Ever since I discovered them in Nashville, Haute Hostess Aprons have been on my wish list every year. So when I finally received one as a gift, I swooned.

Every time I see one of these luxe frocks in someone’s home, I get as giddy as a 13-year-old girl. The go-to glamorous gift for your favorite hostess with the mostest, the wearer will feel like a queen in the kitchen or a princess at the party.

These coquettish confections bring out the beautiful best in every woman! And not only are they fun to wear, but they are beautiful conversation pieces in the home.

The ultimate in kitchen couture, any girl will feel lucky to receive her Haute Hostess Apron just in time for the holidays.

I love all of the glamorous options and love, love, love that they have sizes for grown-up girls and little girls alike!

Haute Hostess apron in Ashley Little Lady ($75)

These are gorgeous gifts to unwrap for the holidays but also make perfect gifts for bridesmaids, bridal showers, graduations, rush, weddings, birthdays, hostesses and more.

Note to Santa and those following my wish list: I’d like to receive one for EVERY holiday!
A girl can never have too much glam in the kitchen!

And I find the more aprons I have, the better my baking gets!



BF Asks: Which Haute Hostess apron will make it on to your wish list?