Be brave…with L’Oréal Age Perfect Cell Renewal

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Yes, be brave…but do so with proper skincare.

Be brave…with L'Oréal Age Perfect Cell Renewal skincare (*graphic print by Charm & Gumption)

And, contrary to what the masses might tell you, “proper skincare” does not necessarily mean expensive skincare.

Especially not when L’Oréal has come out with their Age Perfect Cell Renewal line.

The gold packaging of these products couldn’t be more perfect as these products are truly like gold for your skin. But the price is more like copper as you can get all THREE products in the line for right around $75.

All three products contain LHA (which helps stimulate surface skin cell renewal) and Natecium DHC (a powerful anti-oxidant, which helps protect skin from those pesky free radicals). These ingredients – and the others in these golden products – speed up surface skin cell renewal by enhancing exfoliation, revealing millions of new skin cells each day for more glowing, youthful-looking skin. You’ll instantly see smoother, softer skin and skin that appears more refreshed and vibrant. In 1 month, your skin feels firmer, appears visibly replumped, renewed and full of life. I’ll start with them in the order that you should apply them.

Apply Age Perfect® Cell Renewal Golden Serum ($24.99) day and night on dry skin after cleansing and prior to moisturizer. Along with the two powerful ingredients listed above, it also contains Golden micro-reflectors which illuminate skin to reveal a vibrant, glowing, “lit-within” complexion.

During the day, Age Perfect® Cell Renewal Day Cream SPF 15 ($24.99) has got you covered – both in terms of anti-aging and sunscreen. And it’s rich but not so rich that it’s heavy. Instantly, your skin feels smoother and more supple. Who knew sunscreen could do that?

And as a golden nightcap each night, apply Age Perfect® Cell Renewal Night Cream ($24.99). Your skin will not only be more soft, supple and glowing but will also appear denser within a month – and we all know that thicker skin looks like younger skin!

Lastly, can I also tell you the weirdest l’il tidbit about those last two creams? They taste sweet! Now, listen, I don’t normally go around tasting moisturizers but it’s been so hot here in LA, that tasting them was inevitable. They actually taste like sugar rather than that terrible chemical, medicinal flavor that so many of these products have. While I DO NOT CONDONE EATING BEAUTY PRODUCTS, I just think it’s a fun fact you should know. I, for one, find that this trait makes them excellent to apply prior to a massage (when you’re face down) or on a walk/run when we get a little, um, dewy.

So, be brave as you move toward being the best you you can be.

(*”Be Brave” gold graphic print by Charm & Gumption)


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