Daily Delights: An at-home happy hour

An at-home happy hour

An at-home happy hour

Who says you have to leave the house to have a happy hour?

Not I said the fly.

Some of my happiest moments have been spent right here at home.

Today was a – “go on a long walk, hit the @PureBarreBevHills, come home and shower, slip into your jammies and let your hair air dry” – kind of day.

I got SO much done by 5 pm that I poured myself a glass of Amarone, allowed myself a small indulgence of 2 dark chocolate caramel wedges and got promptly back to the grind.

Just wrapped up now for the day, and I hear a guy with roses calling my name…with a side helping of laundry, of course.

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Daily Delights: Turn The Mundane Into Magical

Beautify your workspace: Turn the mundane into magical simply by pulling from what's already around you

Beautify your workspace: Turn the mundane into magical simply by pulling from what’s already around you

Here’s the question we face every day, whether we recognize it or not:

How can we turn the mundane into magical?

After all, as much as we might dream of another reality where we can shirk our to-do list, those responsibilities and tasks at hand won’t just disappear.

I’ve found that it’s all about the little daily delights.

This morning, breakfast is a protein bar and my cup is filled with cream tea, while my day’s docket is filled with creative consulting work for some brands and charities I work with. As someone who dreads computer work, I look forward to it just a sliver more when my work environment is lovely.

Simply pulling from the beautiful things around me in my home – a surprise floral arrangement delivery from a client yesterday, some Rose Oil Skintreats from the Pixi Beauty event last week to keep my complexion hydrated, a Tocca Cleopatra candle to light my creative path, and a beautiful Anthropologie Becca Stadtlander journal and accompanying Kate Spade pencil for capturing inspired thoughts – make my morning that much sweeter.

What can you pull from your environment to lovely-up your work space a bit today?

It’s easier than you think…just look around you with a fresh eye…

Rainy Days and Sundays

Rainy days and Sundays

It’s a rainy, windy, no electricity, no-exercise, leftover donuts, coffee, furry blankets, wrinkly pjs, laptop movies ’til it runs out out, book-reading, scared puppy kind of day. Color us happy. Well…one of us happy. 😳🐶

Donut Pajamas ℅ PJ Salvage

Slippers: J.Crew

Donuts: SK Donuts

A Donut Story

🍩 Awwwww, man. SK Donuts, y’all spoil me with this surprise Saturday donut dozen delivery. We’re gonna have to have these guys on my new podcast.

A Donut Story

A Donut Story

Oh! Did I not mention that was happening, y’all? Well, stay tuned for the details.


For now, I’m just tasting these little beauties one tiny taste at a time – using kitchen scissors – because with as much food coming into my life these days with this upcoming show, I’m gonna need to learn the key to being a true taster.

Fun fact? Whenever I see donuts, I think of rituals.

For me growing up, it was Saturday mornings eating Southern Maid donuts, and listening to the Casey Kasem countdown with my big brother, while my mom taught a Saturday class, and my dad photographed weddings.

I also love my best friend Cathleen’s family ritual, and how her husband takes the kids for a “daddy donut date” every Friday. What’s your donut ritual? 🍩🍩