Whatcha’ Wearin’ Wednesday? Pretty in Pink Glitter Mani

Happy early Thanksgiving, y’all! As we all start the cooking, baking and T’giving preparations, just remember this: Gratitude is gorgeous!!!
In honor of my birthday next Friday, I am sharing my fave nail-color-combo of this past year! I loved this nail so much! And I just know 5-year-old Dawn would have loved it too! So it’s the perfect post as I prepare for my 35th!
Last Wednesday, I got the most super girly mani and I loooove it!
Whatcha'  Wearin' Wednesday? Pretty in Pink Glitter Mani

It brought out the 5-year-old in me and, I have to say, that’s pretty fun sometimes.

So what is this magical glittery mani potion?

Fun, fun, fun fingers!
Essie Neo-Whinsical (2 coats) with 1 coat of Essie A Cut Above

Try it yourself and see how pretty in pink you feel!

Fun, fun, fun fingers!


BF Asks: Have you ever sported fun glitter polish? What’s your polish choice for a fun mani?