High-Low 13: Lemonade

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Dallas. Los Angeles. Little Rock. Los Angeles. Amelia Island, Florida.

Whew. That’s what my travel itinerary has looked like this past month.

I have been on a wedding tour of the south, y’all. And it’s not over yet!

My best friend’s wedding is the last weekend of this month in New Orleans and it’s gonna be fuuuuuun. But first there is work to do. Lots and LOTS of work.

I am so sorry that it’s been almost a month since my last High-Low but I’m here to make that right today. I’m focusing on events of this past week. But never fear! I will have plenty of posts with my favorite moments of the past month’s wedding marathon super soon.

The theme of this past week? Honestly? Lemonade. Baking pink lemonade cupcakes, eating lunch at lemonade, making the proverbial lemonade out of the lemons of life.
And a dash of “lemonade magic”!

Without further ado, here is High-Low 13.


This past weekend, I baked my Pink Lemonade cupcakes for my friend Matty. Actually, for our friend Jake’s birthday but Matty requested them. Ah, the details.

Off-season baking: Pink Lemonade Cupcakes

Off-season baking: Pink Lemonade Cupcakes

It was a super random, mid-October, non-Autumnal treat. And they were delicious!

I’ve also realized more and more how therapeutic baking is for me.I am such an extrovert that it’s pretty much the only time (besides my bath & sleep) where I’m not talking or writing to someone. I always come up with interesting ideas and insights while I’m busy baking and coming up with new recipes to share with you all.

Baking is my therapy.

Baking is my therapy.

Frosting therapy, my friends.


Continuing the “Lemonade” theme of it all, I kept it going after walking in the AIDS Walk Los Angeles yesterday. Lemonade is one of my favorite lunch spots in L.A. and I couldn’t think of anything more refreshing after completing a 10K than a salad sampler and Watermelon Rosemary lemonade.

I especially love the sign you see as you walk out of Lemonade:

Stand on this corner, Close Your Eyes, Make A Wish

Whenever I see a sign like this, I feel like magic is alive in the world and it’s right in front of me. Literally. I guess it’s the kiddo in me but I half expect Jiminy Cricket to jump around the pole and say, “Wish granted!”

Love that.


Speaking of the AIDS Walk Los Angeles. I am so proud to have been a part of it!

AIDS Walk Los Angeles 2012

AIDS Walk Los Angeles 2012

Again, there is something lemonade-magical about walking with thousands of people who are each hoping to make a small difference. All with one goal, one vision, one love. Together, we are strong.

It felt good, both spiritually and physically, to walk 6 miles around West Hollywood with a bunch of super positive, proactive people. There were even cheerleaders everywhere!

Not a cheerleader:

With my friend/neigbor, Pjetur:

It’s the small accomplishments in life:


I had set a BIIIIG fundraising goal for myself and, unfortunately, I didn’t meet it. But I still raised a good amount of money for AIDS programs throughout Los Angeles. Thanks to all of YOU who donated, AIDS Walk Los Angeles raised over $2, 271,000! Yaya!!!

The finish line!


Oh, the lows. We’ve gotta have a few of those, don’t we? This week’s low is only a thought. But it’s one that’s been on my mind a lot lately.

It is so hard when you want to help someone who doesn’t want to help himself.

Gosh, it’s hard. And, oh is it frustrating!

You can try everything in the book – and even some things that aren’t in the book – but until someone wants to help himself, there’s not a lot to be done.

Just waiting. Lots of waiting. And praying. Praying mostly for patience, actually.

I hope none of you out there are going through anything like this right now.
But –  if you are – please know that I feel your pain.
And I send you lots of love, lots of patience, lots of hope and lots of luck.

We’ll get through it. Just know that. We. Will. Get. Through. It.



BF Asks: Did you experience any “lemonade magic” this week? 

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