Music Monday: Jolie’s Jams – Summer Jamz

I’ve known my friend Jolie since I was 10 years old when she and my big brother dated in their senior year of high school. I thought she was sooooo cool.

Fast forward 25 years and I still think she is the coolest. Jolie introduces me to new music on a monthly basis and – as a lifelong mixmaker – I take her musical suggestions verrry seriously. Through her, I have discovered Dawes, Nick Waterhouse and JD McPherson and many more.

Jolie & me at the Counting Crows show at the Wiltern (top left), at JD McPherson at Troubadour (right) and with Murry Hammond from the Old 97s (bottom left)

She is my favorite friend to go to shows with. In fact, she’s the first person I ask to join me when I’m going to a concert. Why? Because, honey, WE LOVE TO DANCE!!!! And living in Los Angeles, that makes us very rare at shows. Most people just stand there and sometimes somberly move their heads a bit.

So when I tell you that Jolie’s Jams are the best, most eye-opening, music-celebrating playlists, I am not exaggerating. As Music Mondays continue, I’ll also be sharing a few of my hundreds on playlists. But, for now, I introduce you to Jolie’s Jams – SUMMER JAMZ edition.


Jolie’s Jams: SUMMER JAMZ

Saturday Song: Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” featuring Pharrell

Yep, another new column!

I find that I discover most of the new-to-me music I end up loving on fun Friday nights and sleepy Saturday mornings. These are the tunes that tickle my ears, tantalize my senses,pave the path for nostalgia and brighten my hope for the future.

So just where am I hearing these tunes?
Friends sending them to me. On Spotify. Friday nights spent out with friends. At people’s houses. At restaurants. On shoots. At parties. Jam sessions. Impromptu dance parties. Yep, you read that. Impromptu dance parties.

So, of course, you know I have to share these finds with y’all!

My favorite this week?
Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” featuring Pharrell.

Friends played it last night after a jam session and I can’t think of a better tune to prep us for summer. The countdown’s on…

Enjoy! It’s an addictive one!