GBK 2013 Annual Pre-Oscars Luxury Lounge at the Sofitel Hotel in Beverly Hills

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This past Saturday, I had the distinct  - and delicious Рpleasure of attending the GBK 2013 Annual Pre-Oscars Luxury Lounge at the Sofitel Hotel in Beverly Hills.

An Oscars Cake! Photo by Amy Opoka

Besides being introduced to some amazing new-to-me products and walking away with a glam gift bag filled with products we couldn’t wait to try here at BeautyFrosting, I got to meet some of my favorite all-time male celebs!

It was such a treat and SO much fun!

And there was a SLEW of celebs! Just a few included: Penny Marshall, Chris Tucker, Steven Weber, Joey Lawrence, Camilla Luddington, Ashley Williams, Evan Handler, Chazz Palminteri and Tempest Bledsoe. Not to mention Jesse Williams and Richard Kind! Stayed tuned for those photos! I’m a little partial to ‘em!

Celebs enjoying the GBK Academy Awards Gift Lounge


First, I walked the red carpet.

GBK Academy Awards Gift Lounge 2013, Photograph by Amy Opoka

Then I ran into the legendary Sugar Ray Leonard! He was there to support The Sugar Ray Leonard Foundation – whose mission it is to raise funds for research and awareness towards a cure for Juvenile Diabetes.

Me with Sugar Ray Leonard! I was so excited! This pic is obviously by me & my iPhone

Just after that, I was tempted with the luscious libations of Viva Diva Wines, one of the fastest growing Moscato brands in the United States.

Luckily, by this point, my amazing photographer Amy Opoka had arrived! So before the “work” really started, she got a quick touch-up by the fabulous Robby of NVEY ECO. His catchphrase that I love? “Don’t panic! It’s organic!” Love that guy!

Robby touching up our amazing photographer, Amy Opoka, with NVEY ECO products!

And then we saw the super handsome and charming Jesse Williams, of Grey’s Anatomy, and his sweet & lovely wife, Aryn! Of course, we had to snap a pic with our fave Doc from Seattle Grace Mercy West.

Paging Dr.Avery! With Jesse Williams of Grey's Anatomy, Photo by Amy Opoka

Next it was time for a little chocolate. Thank the goodie gods for a mini sampling of Zoe’s Chocolate Company!

Being tempted by Zoe's Chocolate Company, Photo by Amy Opoka

And as if chocolate wasn’t enough? Next, Cookie Daddy tempted us with their delicious gourmet cookies!

David Costabile checking out Cookie Daddy

One of my favorite new-to-me lines was The Artisan Group – an elite, beautiful band of talented and innovative artists. I had the pleasure of receiving some gorgeous jewelry, hair accessories, photos and bath goodies that I simply cannot wait to try! And it’s the ultimate example of supporting small business & vendors!

The Artisan Group, Photo by Amy Opoka

Some of our finds at The Artisan Group! Photo by Amy Opoka

And my faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaavorite find of the day!!!!!!!

Soapy Bliss bakery-inspired products Photo by Amy Opoka


Can you tell how much I loved?

A match made in heaven! Photo by Amy Opoka

I loved chatting with the ladies from¬†Viavo! So sweet and such great-smelling avocado oil enriched bath & body products that I can’t wait to try!

Smelling Viavo body scrub! Photo by Amy Opoka

I enjoyed talking with Dr.Ted Eisenberg about his new book, “The Scoop on Breasts: A Plastic Surgeon Busts of Myths”.

Photo by Amy Opoka

I stopped by EcoGenics Active Botanical Skincare and got the scoop on this paraben free skincare system.

EcoGenics, Photo by Amy Opoka

Next? A little social lubrication was in order so I sipped a Skinny Girl cocktail. I left with a few of their Skinny Girl wines to try! Skinny and wine? Two of my favorite things.

Cheers to Skinny Girl cocktails! Photo by Amy Opoka

And as we left, I ran smack-dab into the talented and hilarious Richard Kind who could not have been more gracious.

Richard Kind lives up to his name! Photo by Amy Opoka

And then, we unpacked all of the goodies in the gift bag!


What a wonderful day to live in LA! I already can’t wait for next Award season!




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9 thoughts on “GBK 2013 Annual Pre-Oscars Luxury Lounge at the Sofitel Hotel in Beverly Hills

  1. Hi Susan! Lovely to “meet” you! I appreciate the kind words more than you know. You totally made my day! I love EVERYTHING that The Artisan Group is about! And I will support you fine artisans in any way I can! It’s the ultimate organization for small biz! And thank YOU for supporting BeautyFrosting! May this year bring you all the happiness, sweetness & success you can handle! xoxo, BF

  2. What wonderful coverage of the event and of The Artisan Group (ok, so I’m partial, I’m also a proud member.) I’m in LA too and always thrilled to help with our GBK gift lounge displays. Maybe you and I will cross paths in LA sometime… thank you again!

  3. Jean, Thank you so much! I am so excited I met the lovely ladies of The Artisan Group! And the support of you guys only confirms my enthusiasm! So happy to “meet” all of y’all here on BF! And please follow us on Facebook & Twitter, as well! I will return the follow! May this year bring you all the happiness, sweetness & success you can handle! xoxo, BF

  4. Hi Jacqueline,
    Thank you, thank you for your comment! I am so happy to have found The Artisan Group! What a wonderful group of talented people you are! I am so proud to know you and can’t wait to see what’s next & up ahead for y’all!
    May this year bring you all the happiness, sweetness & success you can handle! xoxo, BF

  5. Dawn,
    What a great look at the GBK lounge! Loved all the photos!
    As a proud member of The Artisan Group myself, your blog put a smile on my face. I’m so glad that our group’s work can be displayed (and appreciated) at GBK’s amazing events. Always love seeing product shots and the fun part at the end where you show your treasure trove of gifts is awesome!
    You’ve definitely got a new follower here!

  6. You have inspired me! I am just starting to learn the Blog thing. You made me want to keep reading your journey.
    Thanks for all the nice things you mentioned about our group “The Artisan Group”. We have a great leader in Valerie!


  7. Hi Dawn!

    It was so great to meet you at The Artisan Group’s Exhibit this past weekend! What a great blog post about all the goodies you received!

    Hope you enjoy the swag! :)

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