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My pup, Miss Ellie, is the softest thing on the planet. My skin in fall and winter? Not so much.
Until now.

Friday Faves: Dove #OneShowerChallenge

Dove challenged its users to a #OneShowerChallenge to compare their skin before showering just once with Dove Body Wash and after.
Well, challenge accepted!

Dove Body Wash’s mild formula combines their gentlest cleansers and NutriumMoisture for an improved lather that rinses cleanly and quickly from your skin, while still providing 10x more natural nourishment. The results? Smoother, softer skin after just one shower, with no annoying residue.

Before Dove Body Wash #OneShowerChallenge? My skin felt dry and tight and looked, ahem, a little on the ashy side. Don’t judge.
After? It literally GLOWED – with no moisturizer applied at all. My skin actually glistened.
And the feel? Utterly buttery soft.

I’m serious here, y’all. The before and after difference was exponential. You’ve gotta try it for yourself to believe it!

And Dove is SO sure that you’ll get addicted to the softness after just one shower, they want you to try the #OneShowerChallenge on them!
Win it or get a free sample by clicking on the below giveaway and coupon!

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Dove Body Wash – Beauty Frosting

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BF Asks: How does the season change affect your skin?

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