I Don’t Like This Picture…But I LOVE This Moment.

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I don’t like this picture I have broken nails, I peeled the polish off my pinkie nail, have a random red mark on my chest and my eyes look asymmetrical.

I don't like this picture, but I LOVE this moment.

I don’t like this picture, but I LOVE this moment.

But I LOVE this moment. You know your best friend Matt Marr knows you as well as he knows himself, when you’re walking out of Amy Schumer’s Trainwreck at Arclight Culver City and in the middle of a story, he gasps, saying “Oh my god. This light is beautiful. Give me your phone,” and starts snapping pictures.

I learn from him every day as my friend, my neighbor, my brother and as a human I aspire to be more like. He really is the best person I know. I love him to bits.

And I’m learning to love myself, because of – not in spite of – my imperfections – a little more every day.

I’d like to think we’re all here to help one another do just that.



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