Honored To Attend: Boscia MutliMasking Event at American Tea Room

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This past Wednesday, I had the utter delight and honor of attending an event that included two of my very favorite things: skincare and tea!

Skincare & tea? Why, thank you, Boscia and American Tea Room!

Boscia brilliantly coordinated their bestselling Boscia masks with the perfectly-suited teas and delicious desserts from the equally fabulous and healthy American Tea Room.

The cutest pairing of sweets & beauty treats I’ve ever seen!  I’d always wanted to try this tea haven in Beverly Hills and now I’m so in love that I’m determined to take my next meeting there!

American Tea & Boscia: the cutest combination ever!

It was an afternoon filled with MultiMasking. What’s that, you ask? Why, customized masks by Boscia designed to treat your skin concern on any given day. Check it out.

You want your skin to be purified? Boscia has  their Luminizing Black Mask ($34) to cleanse and brighen your skin while leaving you feeling less like an oil slick! It purifies your skin leaving you with an utterly glowing complexion. And – a side note – my neighbor, Cameron, swears by the stuff!

Boscia Luminizing Black Mask ($34)


Is your skin feeling irritated, inflamed and dry? Rosacea or eczema got you feeling blue? Well, counter those blues with Boscia’s New Cool Blue Calming Mask ($34). It instantly cools, calms and hydrates even the most sensitive of skin!

Boscia New Cool Blue Calming Mask ($34)


Are you wanting to correct hyperpigmentation and diminish fine lines and wrinkles? Boscia’s Bright White Mask ($38) is the way to go! It reduces hyperpigmentation – evening out the skin’s tone – while plumping and hydrating the skin and reducing the appearance of all of those fine lines that aren’t so fine!

Boscia's Bright White Mask ($38)

Oily skin leaving you feeling like an oil slick that can never get clean? Boscia’s got you covered with their Green Tea Oil Control Mattifying Mask (coming soon).

Boscia's Green Tea Oil Control Mattifying Mask - coming soon!

Let’s say you want clean pores, purified skin, calm skin and brighter tone? Use all 4! Not all at once, of course. Just alternate depending on your needs!

Among the many Boscia Products I was introduced to that I can’t wait to try?

Can't wait to try these products and more!!

Another thing I learned, it’s pronounced (pronounced Bow-shuh). I’ve been wondering – and mispronouncing that- forever!!

And you know what makes an afternoon of tea and beauty even better? 

Sweet friends!

Friends and fellow bloggers at the Boscia Event at American Tea Room

Stay tuned for Thirsty Thursday where I’ll include my favorite American Tea Room recipe for summer! xoxo,



BF Asks: Which Boscia mask(s) are taylor made for you? 


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